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Introducing the Posterity Project

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

We're big fans of StoryCorps, the national oral history project that turns 20 this year. StoryCorps records intimate conversations between family members or friends and uploads them to the Library of Congress. If you've heard the edited interviews on NPR, or taken part in the annual Great Thanksgiving Listen, you know how moving those conversations can be.

We're taking a page from the StoryCorps playbook (and many tips from their DIY website) and launching The Posterity Project here in Ithaca. We'll record your conversation on professional equipment and send you the sound file. Then, with your permission, we'll upload it to the StoryCorps collection at the Library of Congress and make it available to WRFI Community Radio for broadcast.

Tempted? Visit the Posterity Project web page, read the tips, and sign up for a slot with our fancy new scheduler. For now, we're booking appointments on Thursdays at Buffalo Street Books. If there's lots of demand, we'll expand the options!

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