What is Story House?

Story House Ithaca is a new organization that creates spaces where people of all interests and backgrounds can come together to share, study, create, and enjoy stories in all their forms.


We define "story" very broadly, to include fiction and nonfiction, poetry and song, documentary, journalism, photography, audio, film, theater, puppetry, visual and performance art, graphics, dance, oral history, and every other way of communicating ideas and experience. 

Our definition of "house" is also broad. We hope eventually to settle into our own space, but for now we're excited to be popping up online and around the community. 


What do we do?

We create. We dream up, organize, and present workshops, discussions, participatory projects, readings, talks, screenings, exhibitions, performances, and celebrations.


We collaborate. We work with organizations, artists, activists, scholars, and anyone else to plan and present programming. 

We connect. We help people and groups with something to say find new partners and reach new audiences.

We empower. We help members of our community acquire the skills they need to tell the stories they want to tell. 

Who are we?

Why are we doing this?

Story House Ithaca grew out of discussions among local writers, artists, teachers, activists, business owners, and other community members.

Our co-directors are Lesley Greene (theater producer, videographer, co-founder of Porchfest) and Jonathan Miller (public radio and print journalist and project leader). Steering committee members are Kathryn Henion and Jonathan Plotkin.

Our planning group includes Kathrin Achenbach, Shola Ajayi, Brett Bossard, Anna Canny, Regi Carpenter, Kelsey Gardner, Kitty Gifford, Peaches Gillette, Eleanor Henderson, Scott Hitz, Rachel Lampert, Laura Larson, Aimée Lehmann, Johannes Lehmann, Kenneth McLaurin, Barbara Mink, Steve Paling, Eric Pritz, Mickie Quinn, Neil Schill, Fred Schoeps, SingTrece, Marietta Synodis, and Elizabeth Wolff.


We believe that strong communities are built on shared experience and genuine interaction. Stories offer both.


Stories have always brought people together. They're how we make sense of ourselves and how we learn about one another. They’re the paths we take to explore the world, and the tools we use to report what we discover.


Yet stories can also deceive and divide us. To thrive in a world of stories, we need to open our minds, pay attention, and be unafraid to ask each other questions. 

In all our programs and activities, we are committed to creating inclusive spaces that welcome diversity. We strive to foster interactions between people of different cultures, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds, with the goal of working toward shared understanding and a more equitable, anti-racist society.

What can I do?

Join us! We love to work with creative and passionate people. If you'd like to be a part of the Story House planning group, or if you'd like to donate your skills or ask us a question, shoot us an email at info@storyhouseithaca.org. If you want to donate money (not yet tax deductible, but soon!), it's easy with PayPal. If you have an idea for a program, there's a handy form here. And please sign up for our mailing list and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

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