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What an evening!

Thanks to everyone who came to or participated in "Breaking Our Silence: A Performance and Celebration" at Ithaca High School's Kulp Auditorium on May 21!

We were blown away by the grace, candor, and talent of all the performers, from the 60-strong Ithaca High School Chorale and the actors from Civic Ensemble's ReEntry Theatre Program to the poets, dancers, movers, and storytellers who took the stage. The incomparable Rachel Lampert, stage manager Helen Kuhar, and sound technician Steve Brookhouse made sure everything flowed beautifully. The event was a fitting finale for our series on storytelling and mental health in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month.

We want to thank everyone who was involved in the whole Breaking Our Silence series. The movement workshops by Kathy Lucas and Megan Omohundro elicited rave reviews from participants. Our first-ever Story Night, with Regi Carpenter as guest host, was moving, funny, and everything else we hoped it would be. The documentary BEDLAM was a shot to the heart, and the Q&A with Peter Miller added much to the experience. The open house at Prisoner Express was deeply inspiring -- what an extraordinary program that is! The panel at Spring Writes, “Taboo, Interrupted,” was electric, with a special energy among the writers Jaime Warburton, Eleanor Henderson, Joan Marcus, and Katie Marks.

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