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Inspiration from Rotterdam

A few years ago, a group of residents in a port-side Rotterdam neighborhood renovated a run-down 19th-century apartment building and transformed it into a community gathering place.

Verhalenhuis Belvédère (Story House Belvédère) now houses a “people’s kitchen,” an event space, an art gallery, an iPad lounge, a recording studio, a publishing house, and an apartment for a refugee writer or artist. People come from around the city for performances, communal meals, exhibitions, workshops, and other activities.

In 2019, our co-director Jonathan Miller visited while attending an international human rights conference and was blown away. It was clear to him that we needed something similar in Ithaca.

This month, after enduring Jon's misty-eyed descriptions for more than a year, co-director Lesley Greene had a chance to see it for herself. She had exactly the same reaction: We need something like this!

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